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Taro Bubble Tea with Brown Tapioca Pearls

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Creamy, purple and sweet, with hints of vanilla and cookies & cream. Before trying this the first time we weren't sure what to expect.....but trust us, our Taro Bubble Teas are a delicious and refreshing decadent treat.

We source our taro powder and brown tapioca pearls directly from Taiwan. Our pearls take around 20 minutes to cook, but it's not much of a wait knowing that your pearls will have that authentic firm chewiness that helps make bubble tea so great!

Made with gluten-free ingredients. Our taro powder contains sodium caseinate - a milk protein, and milk solids.

Our kits create 400ml drinks.



  • Brown Tapioca Pearls 
  • Taro Powder
  • Scoop 

If you don't already have your own bubble tea straws, we have a range of reusable bamboo & stainless steel straws and single-use paper straws


For Ingredients List & Nutritional Information click here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

We like to do this as an after school treat. It's very good, thanks :D

Julianna Warid
Amazing value for money

Love the ease and convenience of this set to make at home. Cost is much more cheaper for my family than going out and paying $8-9 a cup!

Artorier Wallace
Easy to make

Love it!! This is my favourite bubble tea flavour & to be able make it in the comfort of my own home is awesome. We don't have a bubble tea shop near us so this is the next best thing

Cyndy Neill
Taro Buble Tea with Brown Tapioca Pearls

Love this tried it with and without tapioca pearls both delicious :-) also tried it with maple syrup and made it like smoothie. I like mixing things will be ordering the other products soon...

Love it!

I was unsure about this flavour at first because I'd never tasted it, but I love it! It's quite yum and creamy. It's very easy to make, and I love that you can make it to your own taste. The bubbles take a while to cook, but once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad haha

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