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About Us

If you've ever wanted to create your own bubble tea at home, or wanted to share your passion with others without dragging them to a bubble tea shop....then The Tea Box bubble tea kits are for you!

We are Ron and Marie. We met at work and after a few years we decided to start our own business together. We wanted to create something that was interesting, practical and fun - and we think that The Tea Box ticks all those boxes!

Sitting on a couch, smiling. Ron holds a Passionfruit bubble tea with Blueberry pearls. Marie has a Matcha Latte bubble tea with blueberry pearls

We were pretty late to the bubble tea party, but after I (Marie) was introduced to bubble tea during a dinner with friends, I understood why the drinks were so popular. Chewy brown tapioca pearls, sucked up through wide straws with sweet, refreshing drinks?! Delicious. As the obsession began to grow and I managed to get other bubble tea newbies hooked (it's the perfect drink to share with friends!), the apprehension began to creep in.

Could these drinks be healthier? Were the standards at some bubble tea shops slipping (were the flavours as strong as they were previously?)? And, how many single-use plastic cups and straws have I just thrown away?

So I embarked on learning how to make tapioca pearls and create bubble tea recipes myself.

After some promising results in the kitchen a few concoctions were casually shown off to Ron. It was then that we realised that we had something different that could become a great business idea.

We decided that chewy tapioca fruit pearls were a great addition to bubble tea. The standard "topping" for bubble tea is brown tapioca pearls soaked in brown sugar syrup. There are also flavoured jellies, seeds and beans commonly available, as well as fruit-flavoured popping pearls - but they didn't have the beloved "chew" that made traditional bubble tea so interesting. So using real fruit puree to create chewy tapioca pearls felt like something special.

Marie in the kitchen pouring bright green Matcha tea from a rose gold shaker into a glass holding Blueberry tapioca fruit pearls, ice and milk
Ron in the warehouse carrying courier boxes of assorted sizes. Pouches of pearls sit on the table ready for packing

After experimenting with numerous pearl flavours and bubble tea recipes (you'd be surprised how long it takes to hand roll those pearls!) and following A LOT of taste testing, we are so proud and excited to share our bubble tea kits with you.

Now, like us, we hope that other Kiwis will enjoy refreshing and delicious bubble tea at home, without needing to change out of your comfy track pants to go to your local bubble tea shop!

We're a new company so we'd love to hear your feedback, comments and answer any questions. So please feel free to get in touch - and we'll be sure to get back to you within one working day.

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