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Storage Instructions

Mock-up of a large and medium pouch with The Tea Box logo on the front

All ingredients should be kept in a cool, dry place below 25°C.

Our ingredients have a variety of Best Before dates (so please check the dates on your specific items).

Once opened:

Fruit Pearls - use within 10 days

Brown Pearls - use within 30 days

Fruit Mix - use within 30 days

Matcha Powder - use within 2 months

Milk Tea Creamers - use before Best Before date

Taro Powder - use before Best Before date

Our bubble teas are designed to be enjoyed as soon as you create them. Cooked fruit and brown tapioca fruit pearls dislike being kept in the fridge, or left too long on the kitchen bench or in the pot. Their flavour and chewiness are at their VERY BEST when they are FRESHLY MADE. We suggest you cook only as many servings as you'll be drinking at the time.

And, if you're anything like know that the freshness of your drink and chewiness of the boba are key to enjoying delicious bubble tea!

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