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Making Bubble Tea

Can I make bubble tea at home?

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YES! Our Bubble Tea Kits make it super easy to make bubble tea at you won't have to rush out to your nearest bubble tea shop when your cravings strike. You decide the exact size, strength and sweetness, so you'll be creating your perfect bubble tea in no time.

How do you make bubble tea?

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Making bubble tea at home is so easy with our New Zealand-made bubble tea kits. We have step-by-step instructions on how to cook our deliciously chewy Tapioca Fruit Pearls & Brown Boba and how to make our Matcha, Fruit, Pearl Milk & Taro teas. A copy of these instructions is also included in each kit so you can keep your phone safely away from the kitchen bench!

Do the pearls need to be cooked?

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Yes, they do. The pearls in our kits are raw and need to be cooked before you consume them. Our Tapioca Fruit Pearls take around 10 minutes, and our Brown Tapioca Pearls take appoximately 20 minutes of cooking to reach that perfect, chewy texture.

Can bubble tea be kept overnight?

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Our bubble teas are designed to be enjoyed as soon as they are made. They are at their very best when they're fresh - and if you're anything like us, you'll devour your bubble tea as soon as it's made, anyway!

Cooked pearls may begin to lose their chewiness, and the flavour may start to fade 1-2 hours after cooking. So we suggest to make your bubble tea when you are planning to drink it.

Our Products

What's included in your bubble tea kits?

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Our bubble tea kits allow you to master your perfect bubble tea at home, and you'll be creating drinks that make you feel like a bubble tea Pro in no time.

Our Fruit Bubble Tea, Pearl Milk Bubble Tea and Taro Bubble Tea Kits come in 3, 6 and 12 pack options. Our Matcha Bubble Tea Kits come in 6 and 12 packs.


- Tapioca fruit pearls or brown tapioca pearls

- Tea bags

- Fruit mix

- Scoop


- Tapioca fruit pearls or brown tapioca pearls

- Matcha powder

- Scoop


- Tapioca fruit pearls or brown tapioca pearls

- Matcha powder

- Yuzu fruit mix

- Scoop


- Brown tapioca pearls

- Tea bags

- Milk tea powder (choose between Classic and Non-Dairy)

- Scoop


- Brown tapioca pearls

- Taro powder (contains milk)

- Scoop

In addition, you'll also need ice cubes (for cold drinks), milk (for Matcha lattes and Taro bubble tea), sweetener (if you like drinks a little sweeter), wide straws and (while not essential, but will give you the best result) a shaker or air-tight container. We have a great range of reusable straws and stainless steel cocktail shakers for you to choose from.

Can I select different drink and pearl combinations?

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After a great deal of taste testing (by both regular bubble tea drinkers and those who had never had it before), we decided on our flavour combinations based on our testers' combined feedback. All of our drinks and pearls are delicious.....but while they taste great individually, it doesn't mean that every tapioca fruit pearl suits every drink. These bubble tea/pearl combinations are our best bubble tea flavours! (Brown tapioca pearls are a great match with ALL of our drinks)

If you want to top-up on Fruit or Brown Pearls, you can purchase these separately. You can find them here.

Are your bubble teas gluten-free and dairy-free?

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Yes. Our ingredients are gluten-free.

Our Fruit Bubble Teas and Matcha Yuzu Bubble Teas are dairy-free. However, your Matcha Latte Bubble Tea will not be dairy-free if you choose to use dairy milk. Don't worry, our Matcha Latte Bubble Teas taste FANTASTIC with plant-based milks. Our favourite is almond milk as it creates a thick, creamy, sweet drink. Oat milk, soy milk and coconut milk are great too!

For our Pearl Milk Bubble Teas you can choose between a Classic Creamer (which contains sodium caseinate, a milk protein), or a Non-Dairy Creamer. Our Taro Powder contains sodium caseinate, a milk protein, and milk solids).

Do you drink bubble tea hot or cold?

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You can choose to have your bubble tea however you like. That's the beauty of making your own bubble tea at home!

After our own experimentation and taste testing we have found that all of our current drinks are best enjoyed cold, other than our Matcha Latte Bubble Teas and Pearl Milk Bubble Teas - these are great either hot or cold.

Is there caffeine in your bubble teas?

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Yes. There is caffeine in our bubble teas. Our kits come with Jasmine Green tea, English Breakfast Black tea or Matcha powder as main ingredients.

These all contain varying levels of caffeine (less than you'll find in coffee), with generally black tea having the most, matcha next and green tea having the least. Caffeine from tea is released more slowly into the body than caffeine found in coffee, so rather than a jolt of energy you may get from your flat white, teas provide a more even energy boost that lasts for a longer period of time.

Is bubble tea healthy?

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Our bubble teas are delicious, made with some great quality ingredients, and we think our drinks are a great treat.

Teas form the basis of our bubble teas and there are health benefits from that. They can help to hydrate you more than coffee and the health benefits of tea (particularly matcha) are numerous - they're packed with antioxidants and can help with keeping you calm and focused.

There is also real fruit in our fruit mixes and there can be nutritional benefits from the milk used to make the Matcha Lattes.

As with most drinks, our bubble teas include sugar and calories, and you can find all of the details in the Nutrition Information and Ingredients Lists on each drink's page on our website. This information is also included in all of our bubble tea kits.

How should bubble tea ingredients be stored?

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All products should be kept in a cool, dry place below 25°C.

Once opened:

Fruit pearls - use within 10 days

Brown pearls - use within 30 days

Fruit mix - use within 30 days

Matcha powder - use within 2 months

Milk tea creamers - use before Best Before date

Taro powder - use before Best Before date

How much is shipping?

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We offer free shipping for orders over $75 *

We will send your package via tracked courier. From dispatch, delivery typically takes 2-4 working days (please allow an additional 1-2 days for rural delivery).

For orders below $75 shipping will be:

North Island - $8.00 (NI Rural Delivery $12.00)

South Island - $10.00 (SI Rural Delivery $15.00)

* for Rural Delivery, orders $75 - $99.99 there is a $5.00 shipping charge, for orders over $100, shipping is free

We are unable to deliver to PO Boxes or Private Bags.

For our Waiheke and Great Barrier customers please contact us for shipping costs.

We are currently only shipping within New Zealand.

Shipping rates - free nationwide shipping for non-RD orders over $75. Orders below $75 North Island $7 ($12 RD), South Island $10 ($15 RD). Rural delivery, orders $75-99.99 incur $5 shipping charge. RD orders over $100 free shipping

Do you ship outside of New Zealand?

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At this stage we are only sending our bubble tea kits to customers within New Zealand.

About Bubble Tea

What is bubble tea?

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It's a delicious drink that you need to try! But beware, you might become obsessed! But in all seriousness, traditional bubble tea (also known as boba tea, milk tea, pearl tea, pearl milk tea, tapioca tea) consists of a cold black tea with milk (liquid or powdered) combined with chewy brown tapioca pearls which sit at the bottom of the drink. Wide straws are used to suck up the round pearls so they can be chewed and enjoyed with the drink at the same time.

The concept of bubble tea originated in Taiwan. One of the key ingredients of the pearls is tapioca starch which is derived from the cassava root, native to South America.

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Are boba pearls and tapioca pearls the same thing?

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Yes! The pearls in bubble tea are known by a number of names including tapioca pearls, boba pearls and milk tea pearls.

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