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Our Ingredients

A selection of our ingredients and bubble tea accessories. Including tapioca fruit pearls, sachets and bottles of fruit mixes, matcha powder, tea leaves, an antique grey cocktail shaker, stainless steel straws and bamboo straws

Chewy Fruit Pearls | Made by Us

Does the idea of chewy tapioca pearls with real fruit sound appealing? We thought it we created them! We experimented with dozens of flavours and after hand rolling a whole load of dough, we think we've created some great pearls that add an amazing tangy zing to our delicious matcha and fruit bubble teas.

We create our pearls in our commercial kitchen in Auckland - from scratch and from recipes and processes we developed ourselves.

Cooked yellow Yuzu tapioca fruit pearls in a round black ceramic dish

Choose from Yuzu, Pineapple, Blueberry, Lychee and Red Grapefruit

We've already selected the best pearl/drink combinations for you, but you can grab extra pearls if you'd like a top-up

Pearl top-ups

Watch: How we make our Tapioca Fruit Pearls


Our English Breakfast black tea is 100% organic and comes from the Assam region in India (renowned for producing some of the best black teas in the World). It has a deep, full-bodied flavour.

Our fragrant high-grade Jasmine green tea is from the Fujian province in China. Its flavour is delicate and aromatic.

Our teas come in pyramid bags (so you don't have to worry about a tea strainer) that are made from Polylactic acid (PLA) which is derived from corn starch.

Fruit Bubble Tea Kits
2 white ceramic dishes filled with loose tea leaves. Our English Breakfast black tea and our Jasmine green tea

Taro Powder

Our Taro Powder is rich and creamy with a taste similar to vanilla or cookies & cream. It transforms from a light-coloured powder to vibrant purple when dissolved.

Taro Bubble Tea Kits
Two round ceramic dishes, holding light purple taro powder and another holding bright purple taro mixture when the taro powder has been dissolved in hot water

Milk Tea Creamers

Our Milk Tea Creamers blend perfectly with our freshly brewed organic English Breakfast black tea to create the ultimate Pearl Milk Bubble Tea.

Choose between Classic Creamer and 100% dairy-free Non-Dairy Creamer.

Pearl Milk Bubble Tea Kits
Off-white coloured Dairy and Non-Dairy creamers in two round black ceramic dishes

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