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Red Grapefruit Bubble Tea

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Our Red Grapefruit Bubble Teas are sweet and tangy with a delicious hint of sourness. If you love citrus flavours, try this with our Yuzu fruit pearls. For a sweet and aromatic drink, choose our Lychee fruit pearls. And for a mellow, traditional flavour, our chewy Brown boba are the easy choice.

Select between English Breakfast and Jasmine Green tea, then pick your pearls. And don't worry, you can't go wrong with any of these flavours - they are all great bubble tea combinations!

Our Red Grapefruit Fruit Mix is rich and thick, and contains the equivalent of 50% real red grapefruit.

All ingredients are gluten-free and dairy-free.

Our kits create 400ml drinks.



English Breakfast - 100% organic black tea from the Assam region in India. Its deep, full-bodied flavour makes this an ideal base for your bubble tea

Jasmine Green - Fragrant, high-grade green tea with jasmine from the Fujian province in China. A delicate, aromatic flavour that creates a refreshing bubble tea



We make our Tapioca Fruit Pearls with real fruit puree. They are chewy, sweet and bursting full of fruit flavour!

Yuzu - Tangy, sweet and tart. Yuzu is a delicious fresh flavour with hints of lemon, grapefruit and mandarin. Our Yuzu tapioca fruit pearls add a mouth-watering citrus twist to our fruit teas and matcha lattes

Lychee - Sweet and aromatic. Our Lychee tapioca pearls are like chewy versions of the real thing. They add a fresh, floral flavour to our fruit teas

Brown - Chewy and delicious with a mild sweet flavour, these are the original bubble tea topping! Our Brown pearls come direct from Taiwan and taste great with ALL of our bubble tea flavours



  • Tapioca Pearls 
  • Red Grapefruit Fruit Mix
  • Tea Bags
  • Scoop

If you don't already have your own bubble tea straws, we have a range of reusable bamboo & stainless steel straws and single-use paper straws


For Ingredients List & Nutritional Information click here.  

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    Red Grapefruit with yuzu

    I shared this with a few others and we were all so impressed by the yuzu tapioca pearls. Faster to cook than regular tapioca pearls but the same QQ texture and the taste is fantastic! The whole order was packed really well and the instructions are nice and clear :)

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