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Matcha Yuzu Bubble Tea

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We use premium 100% organic latte grade Japanese Matcha powder in our bubble tea kits. Create a refreshing Matcha Yuzu Bubble Tea that combines the rich, earthy flavour of matcha, with a tangy, sweet hit of Yuzu. And of course, your choice of Blueberry or Red Grapefruit chewy tapioca fruit pearls, or traditional chewy Brown tapioca pearls. And don't worry, you can't go wrong with your choice of pearls - they are all great with Matcha.

Yuzu is a citrus fruit with hints of lemon, grapefruit and mandarin. Not only does matcha taste fantastic with a splash of Yuzu, but citrus has been shown to help increase the amount of antioxidants from matcha that the body can absorb.

(And our matcha powder is just that. We don't add any sweeteners, creamers or other tea powders. It's just pure 100% matcha powder, packed full of antioxidants and flavour)

All ingredients are gluten-free and dairy-free.

Our kits create 400ml drinks.



We make our Tapioca Fruit Pearls with real fruit puree. They are chewy, sweet and bursting full of fruit flavour!

Blueberry - Tangy and sweet, bursting with fresh, ripe flavour. Our Blueberry tapioca pearls are an ideal match for our matcha and fruit teas

Red Grapefruit - Sweet, tangy and zesty. Our Red Grapefruit tapioca pearls add a touch of sourness and a hint of citrus to our matcha and fruit teas

Brown - Chewy and delicious with a mild sweet flavour, these are the original bubble tea topping! Our Brown pearls come direct from Taiwan and taste great with ALL of our bubble tea flavours



  • Tapioca Pearls 
  • Matcha Powder
  • Yuzu Fruit Mix
  • Scoop 

If you don't already have your own bubble tea straws, we have a range of reusable bamboo & stainless steel straws and single-use paper straws


For Ingredients List & Nutritional Information click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Definitely recommended!

I got this set with red grapefruit pearls and it went very well together. If you love matcha, you will love this matcha yuzu drink!

Nicole Fickling

My bubble tea fiend loves this.

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