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Cooking Instructions - Matcha Latte Bubble Tea with Brown Pearls (Warm)

A glass of warm Matcha Latte Bubble Tea with Red Grapefruit tapioca fruit pearls and a silver stainless steel bubble tea straw. Displayed with gold cocktail shaker, vibrant green Matcha powder and a glass bottle of milk

Prep Time: 6 minutes
Cooking Time: 24 minutes
TOTAL Time: 30 minutes

Watch: How to make a warm Matcha Latte Bubble Tea

What's in your kit

- Brown Tapioca Pearls
- Matcha Powder
- Scoop

You'll also need

- 400ml serving glass
- Milk (dairy or plant-based) - 2/3 glass
- Shaker / air-tight container (shop Shakers)
- Bubble tea straws (shop Straws)
- Fine sieve if you have one
- Your choice of sweetener if required


1. Add one level scoop of pearls to 4 cups (1 litre) of boiling water in a medium pot.

Uncooked brown tapioca pearls in a plastic scoop being added to a medium-sized pot of boiling water

2. Stir gently, then cook for 2 minutes on high with the lid on.

3. Reduce heat to low. Cook for a further 18 - 20 minutes with the lid on, stirring occasionally.


4. Remove a pearl and rinse under cold water:
Warm drinks - pearls should be chewy and slightly firm to the bite.

5. Turn off the heat and leave pearls to sit in the pot with the lid on for a further 5 minutes.


6. Heat 2/3 glass of milk in a small pot.

Milder                   1 teaspoon
Stronger           1.5 teaspoons

7. Pour 5 tablespoons (75ml) of room temperature water into your shaker/air-tight container. Add 1 - 1.5 teaspoons of matcha powder (if you have a fine sieve, sift matcha first).

8. Shake vigourously for 15 seconds.

A black ceramic dish filled with bright green matcha powder. One teaspoon has been scooped out and is about to be added to a gold stainless steel cocktail shaker


9. Drain pearls and rinse well under running water.

Cooked tapioca pearls in a metal strainer being rinsed under cold running water

10. Add the cooked pearls to your glass.

11. Pour the warm milk over your pearls, then add your matcha.

12. Mix with your straw before drinking. If required add sweetener to taste.

(Tip: Dissolve your sugar or sweetener in 2 tablespoons of hot water first to make it easier to mix into your bubble tea)

Cooked dark purple Blueberry tapioca fruit pearls in a serving glass
Two thirds of a glass of warmed milk being poured from a pot into a glass holding cooked Blueberry tapioca fruit pearls
Vibrant green Matcha tea being poured from a gold stainless steel shaker into a glass holding milk and cooked, dark purple Blueberry tapioca fruit pearls


A glass of vibrant green warm Matcha Latte Bubble Tea with dark purple Blueberry tapioca fruit pearls and a rose gold stainless steel bubble tea straw

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