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Cooking Instructions - Fruit Bubble Tea with Brown Pearls

Rose gold cocktail shaker, cooked Blueberry tapioca fruit pearls, a tea bag, passionfruit fruit mix in a plastic scoop, glass with ice cubes and a white mug on a wooden dining table in a kitchen

Prep Time: 6 minutes
Cooking Time: 22 minutes
TOTAL Time: 28 minutes

Watch: How to make Fruit Bubble Tea

What's in your kit

- Brown Tapioca Pearls
- Tea Bags
- Fruit Mix
- Scoop

You'll also need

- 400ml serving glass
- Ice cubes - 3/4 glass
- Shaker / air-tight container (shop Shakers)
- Bubble tea straws (shop Straws)
- Your choice of sweetener if required


1. Add one level scoop of pearls to 4 cups (1 litre) of boiling water in a medium pot.

Uncooked brown tapioca pearls in a plastic scoop being added to a medium-sized pot of boiling water

2. Stir gently, then cook for 2 minutes on high with the lid on.

3. Reduce heat to low. Cook for a further 18 -20 minutes with the lid on, stirring occasionally.


4. Remove a pearl and rinse under cold water:
Cold drinks - pearls should be chewy but soft all the way through.

5. Turn off the heat and leave pearls to sit in the pot with the lid on for a further 5 minutes.


6. Brew 1 tea bag in 3/4 cup (180ml) of freshly boiled water:
Black tea - infuse for 3-4 minutes.
Green tea - allow water to cool for 2 minutes, then infuse for 2-3 minutes.

7. Remove tea bag and allow to cool.

8. If you like your drinks sweet, dissolve sugar or sweetener in 2 tablespoons of hot water. Add at the end if required.


9. Add 1/2 glass of ice and the brewed tea to your shaker/air-tight container.

IMPORTANT - ADD ICE FIRST to prevent the shaker becoming hot.

Half a glass of ice being added to a rose gold cocktail shaker
Brewed tea being poured from a white mug into a rose gold cocktail shaker

10. Add 30ml of fruit mix to your shaker/air-tight container and shake vigorously for 15 seconds.

If your pack comes with sachets of fruit mix:
Each sachet holds your 30ml.
If your pack comes with a bottle of fruit mix:
Fill your scoop to the 3rd line from the bottom. This is 30ml.

A plastic scoop filled to the third line from the bottom with passionfruit fruit mix
Scoop of passionfruit fruit mix being poured into a rose gold cocktail shaker


11. Drain pearls and rinse well under cold water.

Cooked tapioca pearls in a metal strainer being rinsed under cold running water

12. Add the cooked pearls and remaining 1/4 glass of ice to your serving glass. Pour in your fruit tea.

13. Mix with your straw before drinking. If required add sweetener to taste.

Glass holding cooked dark purple Blueberry tapioca fruit pearls
Glass holding cooked dark purple Blueberry tapioca fruit pearls with one quarter glass of ice sitting on top of the pearls
Passionfruit fruit tea being poured from a rose gold stainless steel shaker into a glass holding cooked dark purple Blueberry tapioca fruit pearls and ice


A glass of orange-coloured Passionfruit Bubble Tea with dark purple Blueberry tapioca fruit pearls, ice and a reusable bamboo bubble tea straw

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